If Your Vehicle Isn’t Driving Straight

If Your Vehicle Isn’t Driving Straight

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You can’t drive safely when your wheels aren’t properly aligned. Not only will your vehicle pull to one side, you’ll also deal with:

  • Wear on the tires
  • Faster fuel burning
  • Stress on the suspension

If the wheels on your vehicle need to be realigned, visit Truck Stop Northeast LLC immediately. We’ll start working on your vehicle as soon as you tell us what’s going on. Our mechanics use an alignment machine no one else in the Rochester area has. You’ll receive unique services, and we’ll realign your wheels in no time.

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What can throw your wheels out of alignment?

These five things can cause your tires to get out of alignment:

  1. Driving on different types of terrain
  2. Getting into an accident
  3. Hitting curbs and potholes
  4. Speeding over speed bumps
  5. Not maintaining your vehicle

Fortunately, Truck Stop Northeast also offers vehicle maintenance to prevent you from experiencing problems due to improper wheel alignment. We’ll make sure every part of your ride is in top condition so you can keep driving safely.

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